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Chit Club is a board game store & cafe with a huge library of games for sale and for walk-in play. See what we have in store for you!

You can use our walk-in play option for just $10 per person for four hours of play. Drop in and have your pick of over 500 games in our game library. Our professional staff can teach you a new game or help you find the one you want to try.

We also have a rich menu of your favorite foods and drinks. Enjoy a cold beer or lemonade, soda, tea or coffee. Seasonal food and drink specials are available as well. Come and check it out soon!

Endless Games

$10 / Up to 4 hrs


Drinks, Food & Snacks

Game Shop

More than 500 Different Games Waiting for You

Game Reviews

Get the Latest News, Reviews and Updates


Board Game Library

We offer you a game range of over 500 board games! At Chit Club we have both retro and restyled versions of popular games. Find yours!

Play with Your Friends

If you want to spend your time with friends playing interesting board games Chit Club is the best choice. We have enough space for any company.

Tasty Food & Drinks

Sandwiches, hamburgers, chips and unforgettable pizza are waiting for you at Chit Club. Have fun with friends and eat, seriously, what can be better?

Our Food & Drinks

Cafe Menu

Sandwiches? Bites? Smoothies? Yup, We've Got Those.
  • Tikka Masala $8.35

    Angus beef with a beetroot boost, lettuce, tomato, pickle, sauce and kumara brioche.

  • Crumbed Fish $7.50

    Apple & caper crumbed market fish, lettuce, tomato, basil mayo and kumara brioche.

  • Black Been Burger $8.35

    Free-range Aztec spiced chicken thigh, spicy truck slaw, chipotle yoghurt.

  • Cheese Classic $7.50

    Mature cheddar, our original HBC burger relish, mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion.

  • Handmade Coleslaw $4.80

    Fresh white cabbage, grated carrots, white onions, red peppers and mayo.

  • Denver Chips $4.20

    Marinated pulled pork, melted cheese and HBC BBQ pit sauce.

  • Mexican Chips $3.50

    Melted cheese, chipotle sauce, hand crushed avocado, handmade Mexican salsa and jalapeños.

  • House Snack $2.30

    Mixed leaf salad with peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and red onion

  • Banana Pudding $2.90

    Creamy, cool banana pudding with fresh bananas, a layer of crushed vanilla wafers.

  • Double Chocolate Cake $3.50

    Flour, salt, eggs, chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream, vanilla sauce.

  • Caramel Apples $2.50

    Baked apples, soft caramel, valilla sugar, ice cream.

  • Fruit Salad $1.90

    Apples, pineapples, oranges, bananas, whipped cream, vanilla sauce.

  • Strawberry Crumble Shake $2.50

    Strawberry, milk, ice cream, cookies.

  • Apple Water $1.50

    Sparkling water, apple juice.

  • Iced Matcha Latte $2.00

    Matcha tea.

  • Milkshake $1.50

    Milk, banana/strawberry.

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